A Made in France Mariniere

4 June 2015

mariniere made in france saint james blog mode

As you know I do vote for mariniere! And I do vote for made in France marniere for the whole family. By chance, my daughters and I have the most emblematic marinieres for French fashion: Saint James mariniere for me, Armor Lux and Petit Bateau for them.

While Petit Bateau enjoys us by declining it in all possible ways every season, Saint James and Armor Lux perpetuate the classic style that succeeds them so much. It is no coincidence if J Crew chose to collaborate with Saint James as they were launch in France.

I can’t believe that you who read me now do not have at least one mariniere at home: am I wrong?

Those three brands produce partly in France.

Speaking of handmade goods, you surely have noticed my sandals with Icarus wings: these are Jellies by Ancient Greek Sandals: a brand that is a hit and that’s good as it promotes and perpetuates greek know-how; moreover they use eco-tanned leather. If you are afraid by this electric blue, go and have a look at their website: you gonna hate me as you will love them too!!!

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