Allez viens, on s’aime !

3 February 2017

french cocotte saint valentin made in france

February, we are in February and St Valentine’s Day is coming soon…I get tons of press releases on Valentine’s Day, and I’m pretty sure you couldn’t miss too. It’s a long long time ago that only florists and perfumers enjoined us to celebrate it !

I personally prefer to celebrate St Valentine’s Day with a nice dinner (yeah, again !), but this year I imagined and designed Bonnie: silk froufrous panties, with a lovely heart cut on the back. I who still hated hearts a few years ago, am now drawing them on clothes, punctuate some of my Instagram or Facebook with them: what happened to me ? I certainly softened through years…

So, I wanted to talk to you about this, because I’m proud of the lovely Bonnie, also because it’s 100% made in France: Lyon silk which is woven by a historical silk manufacture, and made in a workshop which is specialised in underwear, with very talented and experienced people.

culotte bouffante soie made in france sexy french cocotte

This is the very same workshop where Body Victoire is manufactured, even with the same silk and also Calais lace of course. Very talented and meticulous work indeed ! I also would like to thank you for the warm welcome you made to Victoire Body: you obviously liked it a lot !

body soie dentelle made in france lingerie

A small advice: you can also leave your laptop open on this page so that eyes who where looking for THE perfect gift idea can’t miss it ! You can also buy Bonnie or Victoire as a self gift, or just have a nice evening.

I wish you a lovely happy Valentine’s Day in advance !

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