Axel Icard – Art Craftsman

5 February 2016

Today I propose you to discover Axel Icard, art craftsman, designer and collector of objects in all kind! I must confess something: this is the very first craftsman portrait I shot, more than one year ago! Shame on me…in fact, I thought I would start the video portrait category earlier, and time goes so fast! 

Anyway, Axel is now in front of you: so let me invite you to discover his unique work: ke seeks to give new life to vintage objects with talent. With him, nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is transformed (yeah, I couldn’t help myself: this is a little dedication to those who studied physics, but I find that the formula suits him well).

I did know Axel Icard at all before before I spent this shooting day with him. I discovered his works on the net: go on his website and you’ll see that they go all around the world!

As for me, I tell you see you soon for new artists and craftsmen portraits, not in one year, I promise!!

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