Baby slippers with laces

25 October 2013

chaussons bébé qui tiennent aux pieds fee home

Find baby sleepers that stay on is not an easy thing. Find some cute and not harmful is even more difficult! I found those on A Little Market: it’s Fée Home brand and they are handmade in France!

When you have a baby you quickly realise that it’s not easy to let them keep their socks or sleepers. My two daugters rubbed their feet soo hard that they ended up barefoot. So I thought that sleepers with laces who stay on better.

Little Market (the French Etsy) is like a trunk treasure. OK, you need time to snoop, but you’ll find nice things and you also have professional shops.

Little Market is a genius idea: it is not just about made in France:  it encourages creativity even from non-professionals!

A few words about Fee Home: I like her sleepers a lot: you have plenty of colours! Price is very reasonable and she handled my order seriously and quickly. She even sent a nice card for greetings!

Fée Home booties, Antoine et Lili doll

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