Baby’s first shoes

21 October 2014

boots little mary made in france kidshoes

I wanted to show you the first shoes of my youngest daughter.

She just made a first steps and so I had to buy her very first shoes.  As for the eldest, I chose Little Mary booties, and yet I did not have anything in mind.

First shoes: comfort and support

As always when you buy baby shoes, my idea was first quality, comfort and support. Although I often let her walk barefeet to strenghten their feet. We have to pay attention to models which are too fashion but not comfy because they are rigid or too heavy for example. That’s why I never bought varnished shoes for babies even it’s very cute. It’s also important to prefer noble and breathable material like leather.

We know that the way we walk affects the whole body. Imbalanced feet may cause damages to knies or back later. So it’s important to be vigilant.

Go to a shoe store

I am a huge fan of Internet shopping for the huge choice and for rapidity. But each time I had to buy first baby shoes, I went to a specialized store. To know their exacr size AND to test comfort on her feet.

At first, I ordered those Easy Peasy booties which I found soooo nice: the bronze color reminds me other Little Mary boots I bought for my first daughter. But I had to send them back twice: Easy Peasy booties are finally not made for thin feet.

So, I went to a shop and I told the saleswoman that I’m not fond of embellishment you often find on girls shoes. She showed me about 10 pairs, and I found only one nice: those Little Mary boots! This can’t be a stroke of luck anymore. Saleswoman also told me that Little Mary shoes suit thin feet very well.

Here is my small experience I wanted to share with you. What about you, what are you favorite shoe brands for babies?

Marese Hat, Pants Top and socks Normandie, Little Mary boots

boots little mary made in france kidshoesboots little mary made in france kidshoesboots little mary made in france kidshoesboots little mary made in france kidshoes

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