Back to basics!

13 April 2015


All in Black: one year ago it was just unimaginable! I don’t know if it’s because I am now a fashion blogger or if I am maturing (Oh my God!!!) but I work to equip me with basic pieces.

To explain the situation, before now as I went on shopping, I chose 98% of the time original clothes: over the past 15 years, it’s been a head breaks to mix it all. Mix and match style may be nice but in reality it doesn’t match all the time!…..

I don’t know why and how but I realise that since last year, I’ve been purchasing a few basic pieces: this Chanel style Rodier jacket, a mannish mantle, black boots: slow but sure. Don’t be afraid: giving up my clothing follies isn’t for now!

To tell the truth, before last year, I had only one black sweater in my dressing: nothing else white or black and very few plain colors. And to tell the whole truth: I still don’t have any basic white shirt (!!!). This is my goal for this spring: finding one or two nice white shirts to complete my dressing basics! What about you: are you more gifted than I am as far as basics are concerned?!

Petit Bateau T-Shirt, Rodier Jacket, Gérard Darel pants and mantle, Sézane Pumps

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