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26 June 2015

restaurant balthazart lyon critique avis

This been a while that I did not tell you about my favourite places..So when I wake up this morning I intended to write a post about one of the restaurants I tried and that I wish to recommend. Yes, I still have some that I did not share with you yet!!! Can you imagine that today for lunch I finally tested a restaurant in Lyon that I wanted to try for a long time: Balthaz’art. So it’s the one I talk to you about know when it was not planned like that!

As you can imagine, if I am writing this post, it’s because I liked it. But STOP! Don’t leave me know: let me tell you a little more. Nice little terrace in a small street overlooking Lyon, almost on the Croix-Rousse hill…mmmhh. All cozy and warm interior that must be very nice when it’s cold outside…mmmhh. A very friendly and efficient service…mmmhh. A three course dessert menu at 16.50€ for lunch mmmmhh!!!!

For the record: this restaurant is located in the former headquarters of the French Communist Party: it’s all red, so you can’t miss it and that’s good news, as you won’t be disappointed!

Have a nice week-end guys!


7 rue des Pierres Plantées

69001 Lyon

restaurant balthazart lyon bouchon lyonnais avisrestaurant balthazart lyon bouchon menu avis

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