Banana bun with headband

1 November 2015

Let’s talk about hairdo today! I prepared for you a very simple tutorial where I show you how to do a banana bun with a headband. When you think banana bun, you may imagine a somewhat staid stuff, but with a headband and a little technic you avoid the too classic bun.

You’ll need a headband, clip bun and kirby clips, especially if like mine, your hair is not very long and quite layered (= a hassle?? nooooope!) Besides I can’t stand my dry ends anymore, but since I had a half hawk, I let my hair grow again, so cutting them, even 1,5 cm, means loosing around a month…

Ok, now let’s stop talking: you’re here to watch a video!

Made in France: Maison Guillemette headband, Médecine douce necklace, Vesta Bijoux bracelet / Maje dress

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