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Beauty minute: face #2

18 December 2014

beaute made in france cosmetiques

Let’s go on with Beauty care: after chatting about body skin care, time has come for us to talk about our face. It’s the first time my skin is not calling for help because of cold weather’s arrival: I think I found the right routine for winter!

beaute made in france cosmetiques

All cosmetics are manufactured in France, except REN scrub (made in UK). Let’s go:

In the morning, I use the Melvita Rose Extraordinary Water (1). I apply it with my new cotton bamboo pads by Les Tendances d’Emma. I’ve been using those reusable pads for about 15 days: the bamboo side remains very soft even after washing; it’s so nice to avoid throwing pads away!

Once I’m done with cleansing: time has come for mois-tur-izing!!! I apply the Guerlain Super Aqua Serum Light (6) that I already had for my spring beauty routine: you use a very few amount of product each day and I don’t use it in the summer as I don’t need it. And to be ready to brave cold weather: there comes the Clarins HydraQuench Rich Cream. It’s the first time I buy it and I like it: it moisturizes without oiling skin.

Day off: time for make-up removal. I now use the A-Derma micellar milk (1): I emulsify it with my fingers and I rince it off with water. If my eyes had a lot of make-up on  I also use the Lancôme Bi -Facil (3). Now my skin is very clean: it’s ready for the Divine Youth Oil by l’Occitane (8) which will operate all night long.

So, that’s it for the daily routine. Once a week I use the REN Rosa Centifolia Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser (5): it’s very soft but effective; I firstly bought the Micro Polish Cleanser, but…….my man let my daughters play with it during bath: as a result water went in the tube and the product inside was good for rubbish within 10 days (happy mother……) So I bought this one and I finally prefer it: microbeads are more rounded and softer and perfume is nice.

Then I apply during 15 minutes the Esthederm Nutri System mask (9) and moisturizing is now at its best!

So, now you know, in this period, moisturizing is the key word! What about you? How are you taking care of your skin right now?

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