Berthe: socks

21 January 2014

chaussettes berthe aux grands pieds fabrication française
Berthe was my nickname given by family as I was a child (thanks family; )) Berthe is known in France as a queen who lived in the 8th century and who had a foot bigger than the other… Now in France, you call Berthe women who have big feet! Enough with history: I think it’s a great name for a brand of made in France socks!

These are cool fashion accessories for children and babies! A friend of mine offered me several pairs as a birth present: I looove them! Not very surprising if you know me a little bit: they look very much like Clayeux: it must be the Montceau les Mines’ touch (that’s the town where they are manufactured so as Clayeux was).

If you like the Berthe aux grands Pieds look (and so if you like colorful prints!), you may be happy to know that they also manufacture socks and tights for women, so as rubber slippers. It’s a little bit hard to find them on the web, but more and more shops sell them.

As far as I am concerned I was just a little bit deceived about the purple and grey model I show you: it pilled very quickly! It’s certainly due to the material as I did not have the same problem with the other socks.

So?! Are you also won over by Berthe aux Grands Pieds or do you tend to stay low-profile and just wear black socks?

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