Biennial Design 2015

26 March 2015

biennale du design 2015 saint etienne

If you already follow my blog, you know that I truly love decoration and design. I wanted to share with you my experience at the Biennale Internationale du Design in Saint-Etienne.

Last week I went there with a friend of mine and we had a great time. I visited the Cite du Design for the first time. As I was born in Saint-Etienne, I know this is a very emblematic place for the city, as the Cite du Design was built on the former Manufacture d’Arme which was closed down 2001. This has been France weapon manufacture during 5 centuries (!).

It was quite touching to see this place in a new light.

I only went to the Cite du Design, but you have to know that Saint-Etienne museums so as Le Corbusier place in Firminy take part to the 9th edition of the international biennal. Main theme is “The Experiences of Beauty” and you’ll discover many objects and experiments I definitely can’t sum up here. This theme is very interesting as design is nowadays often popularized meaning just beautiful or aesthetic. I loved the exhibition “No Randomness” which explains why some objects we daily use are designed this way (pasta shape, notes size, etc, etc…), I found that “Hypervital” and those objects questioning our environment was fascinating.

To sum up, if you can: come to the Biennale!

A small recommendation to eat there (yeah I know, I can’t refrain…): I recommend you la Platine which is located in the Cité: food is good, and decoration is nice and original. (book it)

Biennale du Design: 12 march – 12 april 2015

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