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13 September 2016

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I just had the idea to write this post as I like to know which camera the bloggers I follow currently use of prefer. So, I thought it might be interesting to chat a little bit about the camera you need as a fashion, beauty or lifestyle blogger.

An important point: photo quality is highly important on a blog! And I must say that photo quality on blogs has seriously increased over the pat 2 or 3 years. Just consider my blog and have a look on the very first articles: quite funny (and yet, I have the same camera!) But it’s the same for almost all bloggers you may follow: scroll back their blogs and you’ll see the difference. You may regret that sometimes pictures are too perfect and so it lacks of spontaneity or natural, but it’s nice to watch. The only thing that repulses when I read blogs are highly photoshopped faces.

So, to produce quality pictures and to capture the attention and please your readers, there is no mystery: you’ll have to have a good camera. I won’t give any advice here as I am not entitled to: my idea is rather to share my experience! For example, since the beginning of my blog, I’ve been using a Sony Alpha 290 which is around 5 years old and that is absolutely not enough for what I want to do!

Which camera for a fashion blog ?

Why is my Sony Alpha 290 not enough?

First obvious downside: it has no video function. Ha ha! Not easy when you have a Youtube channel

Second downside: it clearly lacks of brightness so that I can’t make indoor pictures. How many times have I been disappointed by the result when I saw pictures on my computer despite a long preparation (make-up, hair, etc…) Same thing on grey days, take a look at this photoshoot for example: it could have been nice, but my camera was not enough and everything is  gray and bland like my jeans!

I realise this now because I lastly borrowed the Canon 5d Mark II from a friend and  it came clear to me. So I made an indoor shooting: the opportuniy was too good!

A lot of well-known fashion bloggers use the Canon 5d, that’s also because Garance Dore uses it. But you can find cheaper and yet very good alternatives like Nikon D750 which is much lighter. Sony is now very good too:  and particularly regarding video: that’s why I’m very interested by Sony Alpha 77 II. And it’s also important to mention that bloggers are finally tired of carrying kilos in all circumstances and a lot of them also have compacts, and some of them are very good and sufficient for web use.

You have to know that the lens you use is also very important.

Sachez que le boîtier ne fait pas tout: l’objectif sera également important.

Blogging: Which lens for my camera?

For a beauty or fashion blog, we mostly work with a 50mm f1/4 fix lens. It’s the perfect lens to  “isolate” the subject on the background and create a nice blur behind it. So it’s perfect to enhance your outfit or your face. I use a 35mm lens on my Sony because I don’t have a full frame but an APS-C soit makes a 50mm with the conversion.

I still don’t know which lens I’m going to choose as you firstly have to decide with camera you want.

Here I am with this video / photo equipment. Tell me if is does interest you, then I could say more about it. I hope you will tell me more about your favorite cameras as I’m currently searching mine!

Made in France: Médecine Douce necklace, Alice Hubert mouth necklace, Maison Boinet leather cuff // American Vintage shirt, Levi’s 721 Jeans

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