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Body care routine: fall – winter

12 January 2016

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Today on the blog, we’ll talk about beauty and body care. This post is about body care products I use this fall-winter. As you will see: it’s very simple and quick: a little exfoliation and a lot of moisturizing! All products are manufactured in France except Soapwalla deo.  

routine beaute corps automne hiver l'occitane guerlain avene clarins soapwalla

Winter body care routine: cleansing and exfoliating

I found big body salt scrub at l’Occitane: those have a verbena scent and leave a moisturising film on the skin after rinsing. I try to use them on a weekly basis.

My deo: I have some news for you…Still faithfull to my great Soapwalla since I discovered it, I’ve been recently contacted by a young made in France brand called Clémence et Vivien to try their BIO cream deodorant. I can say that I’m 100% satisfied until now. I say up to now as the best to test a deodorant is to use it during summer to see if it lasts all day long. But on a daily basis and for sport: nothing to say! Its texture is even slightly better than Soapwalla’s: more homogeneous, less grainy. I’ll keep you posted for the rest of the test with my summer beauty routine!

deodorant bio clemence et vivien huilles essentielles made in france

Winter body care routine: moisturising

OK, some say that it’s winter:  try to explain that to the daffodils currently blooming in my garden…But still, my dry skin has noticed it and I have to moisturize a lot. For that I am faithfull to Avène Xera Calm balm that I use a multi-purpose cream: on the night for hands, feet and body. No perfume, top hydratation and downright reasonable price.

Sometimes if I want to smell good, I use Shalimar body lotion by Guerlain. OK, it’s not as moisturizing as Xera Calm, but it smoothes the skin and it smells so good…

If you look at the picture, you’ll see my Clarins autobronzant. It was part of my good resolutions for winter: keep tanned skin all winter. I held….3 days. OK, weel, you must admit that fall-winter is a cocooning period, body is hidden, we can stop waxing: we make a kinda break until summer, don’t we?!

Now you know everything about my fall-winter 16 boday care routine: what about you: how do you face cold?

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