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Body Shop Color Crush Nail Polish

19 December 2014

vernis à ongles body shop colour crush

Body Shop has released a new product range: Colour Crush nail polish. Their promise? A healthier formula and long lasting.

Lastly I decided to test Colour Crush nail polish: the fact that they were made with less chemicals appealed me right away; I also discovered that they were manufactured in France.

As far as I am concerned, I’ve mostly appreciated Body Shop as they appeared to be real avant-gardistes as they were from the beginning against animal testing: although this should have been a collective obviousness, shouldn’t it?

I bought the Body Shop Green (the same as the brand logo).

I had a look on the ingredients: those nail polishes are formaldehyd-, camphor-, phthalates – and toluene free. I compared with my usual nail lacquers (mostly Chanel): they say the same on their website (I am by the way surprised as the brand doesn’t particularly communicates on that). Ingredients are much or less the same except 2 or 3 and particularly Benzophenon – 1 (Chanel) which doesn’t seem to have good reputation according to what I read about it.

Apart from that, as far as price is concerned, Colour Crush is very reasonable: 7€ so that you can easily choose several colours! And I’d like to add that its lasting is satisfying: I kept it 5 days (with a top coat): just as long as I usually keep my nail polish. Another good point!

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