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26 April 2015

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No, let me reassure you: I won’t start the trend of women mustache even if I like suspenders so as boyish look!…

The project I have been working on lastly is to put the spotlight on made in France Men’s Fashion! Yes: during 2 weeks, you won’t see anything else than clothes designed by french designers who have a real sens of style. My idea, my desire is to provide them with a showcase while producing different looks and I hope you will love that!!! Please show those looks to the men you know: they may have an opinion too or they may find some inspiration?

I must say it would make very happy that you give me your opinion on this project in general and on each look in particular! To thank you for your future involvement I organize a contest together with french brand JUSTE during these 2 weeks: Here are the rules:

Made in France Men’s Fashion contest:

Win 1 100% linen scarf (choice between blue and black color)

Draw amongst people who have commented all 6 future articles of the men’s fashion serie AND who like Juste Textile Facebook Page.

Late Sunday 17 May 11:59pm 2015 interests. Winner announced Monday, 18 May

NB: even if it’s all about men’s fashion, I chose for the contest a unisex accessory to make everyone happy. And there  will be a small surprise concernant the male model….to be continued on Wednesday: stay tuned!!!!

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