18 February 2018

collants couture manufacture gerbe made in france

A skirt and tights in february : please save the date, because it won’t happen again. If I remember well, it’s been the second time this winter I did not wear pants… But that day, the sun reappared, three long years that we hadn’t seen it (Really ?! Less than that are you sure ? I thought it was an eternity anyway) so I needed to free my legs.And I had to show you these couture tights : perfect if you like the look of real couture tights but if you don’t want to wear suspenders.

And the scarf : can we talk about it ? A world of sweetness. I talked about it several times on Instagram : it’s vegan knitting (so without animal stuff or use).  This scarf is not only beautiful, I knew it before I received it, but it’s incredibly soft ! So I’m very delighted to make you discover Vegan Tricot : everything is handmade in France, with vegan materials, and part of the benefits are donated to PETA association.

Just to let you know : I’m wearing made in France stuff almost from head to toe, as only my sweater is not manufactured in France.

I need to tell you about the shooting : a mess (my fault); impossible to be nice on one picture during long minutes, we shot 135 photos (a record !!!) and the light was going down and down, and whew at the end I was a little more inspired (or my camera was less cruel to me). Not to mention that guy who stayed close to us during long minutes and who did not understand that I wanted him to leave. It’s quite difficult for me to pose when there are passersby, but if people stop, I just can’t ! So we had to find another place as he finally did not leave.

Made in France : Echarpe à franges Vegan Tricot, Jupe Margaux Lonnberg, Collant Fatal Manufacture Gerbe, boots Robert Clergerie, sac Louis Quatorze // Pull Mes Demoiselles Paris


PS : it may amaze you to see me promoting a vegan brand while I’m wearing leather. I am not vegan, but my way of consuming evolves a lot and veganism interests me, so as all forms of  commitment in favor to animals and ecology. Don’t hesitate to share your point of view on that topic here !

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