Camille: Pulp Jewels designer

11 October 2015

A promise is due: after my teaser announcing the return on the blog of portraits of craftspeople, designers and other gifted and inpirated people, here is my very first video portrait! This time, I wanted to invite you into the world of Camille, who imagines, designs and makes Pulp Jewels jewelry in her workshop in Lyon: timeless, minimalist and often rock made in France jewels.

To tell you behind the scenes, my first idea was to make the interview in a place of the city that Camille would have chosen, just to share a little bit more with her and also to make you discover Lyon! But Camille firstly chose an outdoor place and at that day, weather was bad, so we had to go to a café close to her workshop.

I hope that discovering Camille’s world so as Pulp Jewels will please you as much as I enjoyed doing this shoot.

If you’re OK with that, you’ll find very soon a new portrait!

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