Ceramic Bowls: So He

9 October 2014

so hé céramique fabriquée en France moustiers sainte marie

Last summer, as I was visiting Moustiers Sainte Marie, in a shop, I had a crush for those colorful ceramic bowls. There are made by so*hé.

When I buy some craft work, I like to know more about the artist behind it. So the shop owner gave me her visit card and I contacted her before writing this post.

Sophie studied graphic arts to work in advertising, but she never made it. She met her man and they decided to open a restaurant in Moustiers. She has the soul of an artist and so she decorated at first their restaurant and then her stepsister’s workshop who is a potter…..and so in 2012 when they decided to stop the restaurant and she decided to try her luck and to study earthenware. A friend of hers, ceramist as well, helped her and put her up in her studio.

I’m quite amazed to observe that 3 years ago, Sophie did not know ceramic at all. Don’t you feel as if everything is possible sometimes? If you let encounters, coincidences inspire you, and if you dare so, your life can be so much different!

I just wanted to share my discovery with you, and I hope you like it.

PS: please don’t tell my daughter I use her modelling clay when she’s not home ; )

faïence fabriquée en france moustiers sainte marie

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