Ceramics: Jars

30 June 2015

jars céramistes vaisselle grès fabriqué en france déco cuisine

Today on the blog, we’ll talk about decoration, and to be more precise about made in France ceramics. I don’t now your plans about those days: whether you are working or resting somewhere in the shade listening cicadas, but today I thought that a summer receipe could be nice. It’s weird, but the hotter it gets, and the less interest me clothes. No, in fact it’s logical: I’m hot just by looking at them.

Back to decoration and today’s inspiration: I wanted to introduce you Jars Céramistes. It’s been a while I wanted to talk about this historical brand. When I eat at a traditional or a fine restaurant, I often find Jars dishes so that I can recognize them without looking under the plate as they have a very specific style.

The company which was labeled as entreprise du patrimoine vivant is located inDrôme. Besides if you are passing to Anneyron: make a stop: there’s a Jars outlet very close to Lafuma’s!

céramique Jars vaisselle haut de gamme made in france déco

Today’s receipe: chickpea salad with herbs and egg*

Soak the chickpeas a day in water and cook them 30 minutes in pressure cooker with 4 cloves of garlic (keep the skin).

Drain and collect the pulp of garlic cloves and mash it with a fork.

In a bowl, emulsify 1 egg yolk with olive oil.

Add harissa, chopped spring onions and chopped coriander, parsley and chives at will

Add the chickpeas and mix. Serve chilled with soft-hard boiled egg.

Bon appétit, and stay in the shade!!

* receipe Redha Zaïm (ELLE)

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