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Chanel cream blush

1 December 2014

blush crème presage chanel made in france

Make-up is above all a matter of eye pleasure, isn’t it? That’s also why we can’t resist luxury cosmetic brands. We buy a small piece of the luxury they represent.

Among them is Chanel one of those who have the most beautiful packaging. It may be because of the black color or the double white C, anyway, their make-up is really attractive.

OK the product inside matters, but when you open the box, you’ll find a velvet protective cover and then when you finally discover the product, you already love it, don’t you?!

In short this whole speech was just about my brand new Chanel cream blush 62 Présage, and as I was examinating it from every angle to write this article, I just saw this small piece of french luxury was made in Italy: ha, ha, never mind amore mio!

blush crème presage chanel made in franceblush crème presage chanel made in france

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