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Chia Pudding

31 May 2017

recette pudding graines de chia healthy blogueuse

A fresh and healthy receipe today on the blog for breakfast, afternoon or dessert. Lastly, I decided to make my own chia puddings. Why ?

I often go to the Slake Coffee House in Lyon, and now I realise that I never told you about it here ! Maybe because I think there are enough people who already go there. Ouh, such ungrateful. So, I discovered chia puddings there. I did not know before, and I truly love it, and as it did not look difficult to make, I decided to make my own receipe that I’m giving you today ! Chia assets ? They are rich in 6 and 3 omega and fiber. I noticed that I’m not hungy at 11 am when I eat my pudding for breakfast.

I personally use less sugar for the pudding AND for the raspberry sauce than the receipes I tested because I like the sweetness of the coco-almond mixed with rasberries acidity. Of course you can make a lot of differentes sauces, add lemon zests, etc…

Chia Pudding with Rasberry Sauce, ingredients for 4 jars:

25 cL almond milk (sugar free)

25 cL coco milk

4 table spoons chia seeds

2 table spoons lemon juice

2 tablespoons grated coconut

4 table spoons agave syrup

For the sauce: 150g raspberries and 1 table spoon sugar

Chia pudding, receipe:

In a jar, mix coconut milk, almond milk, chia seeds, grated coconut, lemon juice and agave syrup. Poor into the verrines !

Let it cool in the fridge several hours (4 hours mini) then prepare the raspberry sauce: heat 1 tablespoon water with 1 tablespoon sugar, boil and add the raspberries. Remobe from heat as soon as the raspberries are dissolved. Pass through a fine sieve to remove seeds then add a small layer on each pudding. You can even just use fresh raspberries, crushed or not, it’s even more simple !

Taste, and tell me what you think !!!

 recette dessert vegan pudding graines de chia coulis framboises

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