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Clarins BB Skin Perfecting Cream

10 March 2014

clarins bb cream cosmetiques

Unless you have hibernated over the past 3 years, you surely heard about BB creams (balmish balm), and you may have tried some of them? Yes, I admit it, on that point I’m far from being a forerunner. Brands have even since then launched their CC versions! I had to try it before the ZZ’ arrival…

I bought the Clarins BB cream: BB skin perfecting cream. A bb cream is a multifunction skin care which combines moisturization and make-up: this one has also a SPF25.

Why a BB cream? Last week I’ve been quite desperate about my skin (winter is coming to an end, I think it’s the worse period for my skin), if you add that I lastly had very short nights because of my daughters nightly cough….Miss-I-need-8-hours-sleep-to-cope-well needed some help…But I don’t like to use a foundation everyday.

So, I took Clarins BB skin perfecting cream (light color as my skin is nowadays lighter than usual).

I applied it after my moisturizing cream to make application easier, and…….this is Photoshop in a bottle! Skin seems flawless without having a mask on. Really good!

I’m sure many of you already tried some other BB creams before me: which ones?

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