Clayeux: I see dual

20 December 2013

manteau clayeux imprimé laine made in france

Monday evening: I feel that my nanny wants to talk to me but she hesitates: “where do you buy these coats? I saw it is Clayeux: what’s this brand?” There my face lights up and I talk about Clayeux: ” it’s very nice, isn’t it? It is manufactured in France, in Montceau les Mines, well, was in fact because it is not manufactured any more……….bla……..bla………..BLAAAAAA”

Skeptical? I feel that she looks at me both interested and suspicious: she wonders how I can tell so much about this brand. I have to say that my nanny does not know that I am also a fashion blogger. She seems to appreciate quality and French know-how (Ouf! I can keep her then!…) This is true: I could be salesperson of the year by Clayeux! OK, salesperson of a ghost brand, well done dear!!

Come-Back: We all know that fashion is a perpetual renewal, isn’t it?! As everything is possible, I believe that Clayeux can make its come-back. Someone will devote himself, at least to shut me up!!!

Clayeux Coats, Normandie tights, Pom d’Api boots, peruvian cap

manteaux clayeux mode enfants made in france

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