Collegien slippers

22 November 2012

chaussons collegien fabriqués en france

Did you know Collegien slippers ? This is a children fashion brand that I truly love…

Did you know that Collegien slippers are fully made in France, in Tarn to be more precise?
As I was younger I must admit I did not like those shoes (I found them weird). But Collegien is very good at design and style and it’s nice to see that some french brands can do stylish outfits ; )) you’ll find nice and unique drawings.

You may have noticed that I chose to rank them in my kids category; yeah, I personally would not wear them, even if they have adult sizes, but I do LOOOOVE them for children: they are lovely, warm and practical, and machine washable. Moreover, they have a non-slip sole.

Even their packaging is made close to the factory! So, will you choose Collegien french slippers as well?!

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