Couleur Chanvre Bedspread

30 November 2012

couvre lit en chanvre écologique fabriqué en france

We’ll talk about home decoration today on the blog. Yes, I actually hope to make you discover made in France design. Do you know Couleur Chanvre which manufactures hemp household linen?

I do appreciate their material so as their soft colors : it’s hard to choose! Their products bring softness and calm. I just can imagine a cosy atmosphere without any bling.

You surely know that hemp farming is one of the most ecological way of production; moreover, it crumples far less than linen which is a very nice material too.

Most of Couleur Chanvre‘s weaving is made in France whereas sewing is exclusively made in France: in the Vosges and in Loire. This brand uses environmental dye. May I use the opportunity to note that you can find linen or clothes made of ecological cotton, but dyed with harmful products! Just to let you know in case you’re interested.

Two-coloured Bedspread: Couleur Chanvre

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