Curly Hair Regrowth

18 September 2016

No, you’re not seeing things: this is a hair tutorial! I had neglected my youtube channel for months: mea culpa! This is part of my resolutions for this season: to post videos regularly.  Because there nothing better for make-up, hair, etc..

Moreover, today with this bad weather, it’s perfect to chill out in a plaid and watch some youtube videos! Right, OK: watch a good movie (but just after my tutorial). Well, if you don’t have kids, as you don’t watch movies on sunday afternoon under covers anymore (or maybe a Pixar, YEAH) and a whole week-end with this weather is kinda scary. Because while you just want to chill out, kids are just over excited…

It seems like I’m digressing: off topic! So, today, I wanted to show you how I deal with curly hair regrowths when smoothing has been made for while. At that time, I don’t straighten my hair because it would be too much time for me. As I’m quite lazy about hair, I found this cool quick hairdo.

Now, I leave you: have a nice sunday under your covers!!!

Petit Bateau T-Shirt, Camille Enrico cuff, Sérum de Soie Sublimateur Leonor Greyl, Huile Absolue Légende Dessange

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