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Dior nail polish: Versailles collection

3 March 2014

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A few weeks ago, as I was on shopping, I discovered Dior Versailles make-up collection. Colors, name: this makes sense to me: as far as I can remember, I am an absolute fan of Marie-Antoinette. Congratulations to Dior: it’s a very nice idea to dedicate a make-up collection to the best known of our queens, who was very talented to launch new styles and to overcome the codes. I chose the Trianon Bouquet (457) nail polish. Pastel colored but still punchy: it is very nice as well on sheer or tanned skin. I’m sure it will be wonderful this summer.

Fan of Marie-Antoinette?! I read and read again books about Revolution when I was at elementary school and college, I was a fan of the japanese serie Lady Oscar (shall I unveil that I just bought the DVDs?!! Yeah, OK, I admit it…), I drew thousands of Marie Antoinette dresses, and I of course saw Sofia Coppola and Benoît Jacquot films (I prefered the second one). One day, as I was on a training session and the only woman in the room, as the trainer asked us to tell who was our heroe, I was the only one to tell Marie-Antoinette in the middle of Spidermen and Batmen!

I would be delighted if you’d be OK to tell us who your heroes are!

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