DIY: baby blanket

15 January 2014

couverture bébé idée tricot laine diy

As a friend’s mother called Martine gave me this baby blanket as a birth present, I was very pleased but I did not realised straight away how wonderful and essential it would be! This baby blanket is made if two parts: one side is made of wool and the other is of fleece,  and it’s about 80 cm long and 40 cm wide.

I really use it all the time: for a walk, on the carrycot, as a rug, in the car when it’s cold: all the time as I said! That’s why I wanted to share this idea with you: this is a good diy idea!

The mouse doll you can see is a nice discovery I made lastly on EtsyTimo Handmade. I loooove their dolls, they’re all so beautiful and original, the only problem I had was about making a choice….Isn’t that mouse nice?!

So, just grab your knitting needles (or call your grandma, friend, neighbour!)

Cover made by Martine, Mouse Doll Timo Handmade

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