DIY: customize your army jacket!

21 April 2016

diy customiser veste army ecussons brodes

Today, I prepared for you a very simple fashion DIY: the idea is to customize your army jacket with embroidered patches.

You couldn’t miss it: this year, smileys (for the oldest more mature) or rather emojis, for the youngest: after having conquered our smartphones, invade our dressings! For this DIY, you can choose the type of patch you like: army like or really fun!

DIY army jacket customization: material

First thing: you need a military jacket (it also works with a sweat-shirt, t-shirt, etc…)! I bought mine about 13 years ago: it’s almost vintage!

Of course, you need embroidered patches. Where do you find them? I personally bought mine on Amazon and at La Droguerie Shop  as I found nothing satisfying in French manufacturing, but if you have tips and addresses, I’m all ears! Yet I also searched on Little Market, Etsy and co….

diy veste army idee blogdo it yourself customiser veste army ecussons brodesdo it yourself customiser veste army ecusson brodecustomiser veste militaire femme idee diy

HOW to customize your military jacket:

These are iron patches. I prefered to sew them for 2 reasons: they will hold better and it will be far much easier if I want to remove them!

I hope you like my DIY. Rather than a DIY I would call it a customization. Besides weather will be bad this week-end, so this might be a very good occupation between two episodes of your favorite series!!!

idee customiser veste militaire diy ecusson brode emojis smileys

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