DIY: let’s knit!

5 February 2014

tricot phildar diy laine made in france

Today, on the blog, we’ll talk about baby fashion. I wanted to show you some  hand-knitted stuffs. OK, I could tell you that I knitted them myself, but it’s not true at all: I only can claim I did the blue poncho (it’s a 3 months size: BIIIIG enough for my patience ; )

Anyway, I can rely on a small network of very gifted hands that I exploit with delight! All models shown here are Phildar models: the most famous brand in France for wool. I like their models but you have to know that they don’t manufacture in France anymore: wool comes from Rumania.

Knitting is back: yeah, knitting is trendy: DIY is fashionable, so let’s thank Grandma for having taught us moss and stocking stitch! Knitting is also nice against stress and I’m sure that some of you are so good that they can knit while watching TV…

French wool still existsBergère de France is the most famous brand among them but I can’t tell about it as I never used their products. But, I can give you a tipp: I recently discovered Fonty wool which manufactures in France (Creuse) and I find their products very nice.

Tell me more about your experience? Are you gifted knitters?! Or did you discover knitting lastly and became fond of it?

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