DIY: rolling bookcase

30 September 2016

DIY bibliotheque roulettes enfants

Hi! Today I’m back with a deco DIY: how to manufacture a rolling bookcase for children? This homedeco DIY post came to me while I was looking at this small bookcase that I ordered my man a few months ago.  We’ve been using it for months now, and suddenly I was like “Hey! You think this small bookcase is nice and useful, so it may inspire someone else now”. Of course!

The idea came to me while I was flipping through Vert Baudet catalog last winter I think. There was a rolling bookcase, very cute and simple, made out of painted MDF. Not cheap I must say (69€) regarding its simplicity but eventually it gave me an idea: use AT LAST a Nestlé vintage case I bought on a flea market about 10 years ago. It had been patiently waiting in my garage for me to have a bright idea. I must say I wasn’t fast on that case, but here she IS in our home on a lovely way.

DIY rolling bookcase: Material

What do you need to manufacture this bookcase? If  like me you already have a case, it will be very simple and quick. You can find some on flea markets or on the web. If you don’t, I recommend you to go to a DIY store and ask for MDF cuts to your measurements. Then you’ll only have to put the shelves together with small pikes and to paint the bookcase as you like.

And to end it up, you’ll need 4 wheels like those. We chose gum wheels to avoid to much noise when they roll.

DIY rolling bookcase: How to

Easy I said! Now you have a case, well no drill needed to fix the wheels: you only need drywall screwsbarely shorter than the thickness of your board, and that’s it!

I hope you like my idea. I can tell you that it’s very useful. And every evening I’m very glad when my daughters pick the books they wish to read.


PS: I won’t be any responsible if the lovely bookcase is turned into a bolide ; ))

Numéro 74 canopy and flags, Sian Zeng wall paper, AMPM linen pillow case, Zara Kids bag, Kidkraft kitchen, Histoire d’Ours Teddy Bear, handmade mouse by Timo Handmade

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