DIY: Shibori

10 December 2015

On the blog today, I prepared a fashion and deco DIY for you: learn the Shibori technique: Japanese indigo dyeing. I thought that during this Christmas period, it could inspire you for unique gift ideas. With this tie and dye technique, you will be able to customize T-Shirts, shirts or, pillows and towels like me in this video tutorial. 

With indigo dye, possibilities of patterns are endless: shibori means “tighten by twisting”; as dye is fixed by oxydation, hidden or twisted parts will remain white. Indigo blue becomes more and more intense after several baths. Don’t let the fabric fall to the bottom of the bucket or stick to the edge: dye deposits agglutinate there: they would then stick to the fabric and prevent its correct oxidation.

It is essential to use 100% natural fabric. Indigo is natural but I don’t know the composition of the reducing agent used; so, I higly recommend to take the used dye to the waste disposal.

You can keep prepared dye during 2 or 3 days if you cover the bucket: so don’t panic if you don’t have to do all the baths you want at once or if you become addicted and that you want to dye more fabric!! You’ll see: it’s very pleasant to do it, but it takes time! As a reminder: 1 bath= a few minutes of soaking and 20 minutes of drying / oxidation.

All material used i described in the video; for your information, I used an Indigo tie dye kit already provided with some accessories (gloves, elastics, etc…), but you can do your own mix as follows: 20 grams of prereduced indigo + 250 g of reducing agent for 20L of warm water. What I found was much more expensive than the kit I used.

So, I hope that you like my japanese indigo dye tutorial and that it gives you a lot of shibori ideas!

Good evening!

A très vite…

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