Do it like Donna!

23 October 2016

Unbelievable: today, I propose you Donna Martin’s bun tutorial ! I’m not sure if you remember this bun from your Beverly Hills period, but I do! And to tell you the truth, I really liked this hairstyle, it even became THE hairstyle for me when I was younger.

Let me explain: it’s an original bu, but not complicated at all, you need to be patient. It’s was really practical for some occasions like New Year’s Eve, mariages or even parties for which I wanted something original, but I did not have money for the hairdresser !

Just be patient, take mini-elastics and let’s go for Donna’s bun! You will impress your (old) friends ; )

Made in France: Leinboho shorts,  Médecine Douce short necklace, Pluie d’étoiles Bijoux long necklace

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