Do you have your pins?

6 November 2015

pin's coucou suzette fabriqué en france

I say it straight: YES, pins are back! Or more precisely, I decreed that pins are back! Why not? Fashion shows showed us plenty of brooches and accessories have never been so necessary (accessory / necessary: that’s almost an oxymoron…) so why not pins?

I strongly advise you not ot use your old pins that you used to collect in the 80’s. What? You haven’t collected them? I did, and they were mostly promotional pins (I think I even had a Midas pin, I swear!) So we agree: this is not possible. I talk here about fancy pins, jewelry pins.

You may have noticed: I have lots of energy today. I don’t know if it’s because of the great sun, of the three video tutorials I have to make today (!!) or my Coucou Suzette pins I fully discovered by chance on Instagram, but I want to say Zip! Shebam! Pow! Blop! Wizz!

So, tell me: did I convince you? Are you ready to pimp your pullovers, your shirts or sweat-shirts with pins?

Made in France: Coucou Suzette pins / Levi’s shirt, Iro Paris jeans, Heimstone boots

blog mode shooting photo extérieurpins coucou suzette chemise jean levis jeans iro paris boots heimstonepins fantaisie coucou suzette made in france etsylookbook blogueuse mode pins fantaisie coucou suzetteportrait blogueuse mode bijoux made in france coucou suzettepins fantaisie DIY pimp ta chemise blogpins fantaisie DIY customiser chemise blogpin's pop fantaisie made in france etsy coucou suzette

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