Double French braid

10 March 2016

Hi! Today I made for your a small hair tutorial: I shot it this morning! I show you how to do a double french braid.I am currently totally in love with braids, and so I look for nice hairstyles on Pinterest. Right, if you already master the french braid, it doesn’t matter if it’s a simple, double or triple braid: the technique remains the same: you just have to be careful not to go wrong along the braid: each strand must pass below.

I’m sorry for the light in this tutorial: I shot it with a small camcorder and I’m quite disappointed about the result. I sometimes look strangely orange!

I hope that my double French braid will inspire you to make lots of cool hairstyles!

 Made in France: Gas Bijoux ring/ Maison Scotch Jacket, Petit Bateau T-Shirt

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