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Draw me a shoe!

27 March 2014
dessine moi un soulier viperine boots

What if we could design our own shoes? If we could choose the heel of our pumps? If we choose the colour of our boots? Tadam: let me introduce you Alma and Juliette who launched Dessine Moi Un Soulier: the idea is to customize your own shoes by choosing material, lining, heel, accessories (knot) and colour: that makes 5 million combinations, so you are sure to create unique shoes you won’t see on your friends! Ah Ah!!!! HUGE argument, isn’t it?!!

Shoes are assembled in Romans sur Isère (Drôme) the historical luxury shoes capitale in France.

Are you still here? Or have you abandoned me to visit this addictive website?! as you know, customization has just become a hot trend: Nike ID, Vannina Vesperini, Boucheron, Coca-Cola, etc…..already propose it, and it’s surely just the beginning.

And I shouldn’t say it: but for those who are currently preparing their marriage: imagine if you could come with your own unique shoes??

dessine moi un soulier made in france chaussures

Alma et Juliette propose to design your OWN wedding shoes on Dessine moi un soulier! It’s difficult to find wedding shoes that are not boring, isn’t it? Problem solved!

Here are some models you’ll find on the website that you can customize. When someone ask you “where did you buy your shoes?! I looove them!” Just look mysterious and answer “leave it, you can’t buy them too”.

dessine moi un soulier made in france chaussures

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