Easter: let’s decorate our table!

17 March 2016

paques idee deco table diy

Here it’s an article I wanted to make for a while: I wanted to propose you an Easter table decoration, but not just a style photo, no, I wanted a setting that would gather several DIY ideas to allow you to pick some ideas and to customize them, as everything is very easy to make, and cheap! Anyway, it will take some time to impress your guests…This Easter table decoration is easy and unfussy, with some Easter spirit here and there with eggs, bunnies and hens. Of course, I found some nice made inFrance stuffs for you!

A little further, I will detail all ideas used for this post. I spent quite a lot of time on Pinterest to find some ideas and inspiration: a gold mine, this stuff!

For dishes, I have a crush for vintage and mismatched stuffs. So, I made my own mix while keeping only a tonal harmony: for dessert plates, I had a crush for this nice Anthropologie plates, mismatched made in France cristal glasses, dishes I found at Emmaus, and made in France Le Parfait jars which are perfect for some decoration.

This post gathers 4 small Easter DIY. First one is VERY simple: I kept ths egg shells used for the cake meringues, I painted them with a copper paint bomb and I laid them on pretty egg cups made in France (Jura) out of naturel wood which I found on Bébé au naturel. They are very cheap, so that you can easily offer, customize, decorate them etc, …

idee deco paques coquetier bois oeuf peint DIY

For the second DIY, I found this very nice idea on Pinterest: you have to glue a bunny or a hen on the jar, then you spray the animal together with the lid. And here you have lovely jars you can fulfill with eggs, sweets and sweet words, etc…

deco paques lapin bocal le parfait diy blogdeco paques lapin idee diy blogidee deco bocal le parfait diy blog

For the third one, I followed Guillemette receipe for this very original Easter cake. You can then adapt it with a heart or anything! This little bunny will surprise everyone when you cut the cake!

gateau original paques diy pinterest

And for the fourth DIY I used a polystyrene egg that I wrapped with double-sided tape, and then I sticked fresh flowers. You can stick whatever you want: tiny candies, paper, etc…You should avoid to touch the egg to much as then you will remove the glue.

deco paques oeuf do it yourself blog

That’s it! I hope that you enjoyed this decoration post! What about you: what your ideas, inspirations for your Easter table?

Made in France: Longchamp and Abstraction Cristal d’Arques glasses, Marcel Méduse flower vase, le Parfait jars / Anthropologie plates, IKEA bell jar, Schleich figurines

vaisselle chinée Emmaus

deco table paques oeuf customisedeco table bocal le parfait diy idee blogpaques 2016 deco table idee pinterestdeco table paques vaisselle oeufs diypaques 2016 decoration table facile pas cher blog

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