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26 March 2017

An easy tiny video tutorial today: nail art for the (not) gifted (like me). I’m always amazed by some nail arts which seem to be made with a laser machine or some nuclear precision instrument. Congrats girls. I personally know how to apply my nail polish without putting some on my nose, I can do a french manucure without stencil, draw lovely dots on my nails: that’s it. 

Lastly as I was in a Sephora shop, I saw very simple stencils to make nail art: 10 euros. 10 euros ! It’s both cheap and expensive for  what it is. So I had the idea to make this very easy tuto. You only need nail polish, top coat, and reinforcement rings.

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to make a half-moon manicure, draw a dot or hearts, and make a french manicure.

Key tip: you need to let each layer dry out, otherwise, it won’t work. Afterwards, you protect with top coat to keep your nail art several days and also to smooth the differences in varnish layers.

Brushes ready ?!

Made in France: Avril Beauté blanck & nude n°566 nail polish (PETA cruelty free and vegan label), Kure Bazaar base coat / Essie top coat

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