Family: reuse the clothes of the elder

22 September 2015

réutiliser vêtements aîné fratrie recyclage

Yes, you already know that reusing clothing of the elder children for the second and even the following is economic AND eco-friendly. All good! Really? I’ve been recently thinking over it while I was watching my second daughter wearing the clothes of her elder sister like this Petit Bateau playsuit. I told myself that it can’t be always fun to collect his elder’s junk.

I personally did not experienced this problem as I am the oldest, same for my man. Even if my mother sometimes passed me some ugly clothes retrieved from a friend and which I did not want to wear, but… choice. But nevermind.

My youngest also had 2 or 3 newborn outfits so that she won’t be sad when looking later at the pictures of her birth thinking she looks exactly the same as her elder sister. and also all her shoes are new as someone told me it was not good that small children walk with secondhand shoes, even though all the studies do not validate this point. OK, I admit this is also because I’m a shoes addict so I like it too let’s face it.

You sometimes also have to handle with the elder’s nostalgia: sometimes when my eldest daughter sees her sister wear something which belonged to her and that she finds nice, I feel a pang of jealousy. Like this week: she also wanted the same baby pajamas with “nice feet”. Hmm, not easy! Add to this the nostalgia of the mother: yes, I love re-open my boxes and rediscover little “too cute” clothes. uh, what do we do now,!

OK, for now this is not a real issue as my youngest daughter is only 2, so she doesn’t care at all, but inevitably I know we will come there. So, I think we will make compromises between some nice clothes she will love and necessary recycling.

What about you: how do you handle this with your children? Or maybe it reminds you some memories as a child??

Petit Bateau playsuit, Pom d’Api sandals, Kidkraft kitchen,

réutiliser vêtements enfant aînéréutiliser vêtements enfant aîné fratrie même sexe

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