Food: let’s boost our immune system !

19 March 2017

Winter is leaving us slowly, yes too slowly indeed: by the way if you could leave quicker please: we saw you far too much ! Well, it begins to bud, we come back to life, that’s pretty cool. So, I take the opportunity to make a small assessment on some food products which are part of my diet routine, and which have the advantage of being called “healthy“. 

Well, to begin, let’s make a small reminder on immune system; as you surely know food isn’t the only key point: genetics, what happened in utero, during birth, etc…are also important. But we can still drastically influence our health with food, now we know it !

I personally have to admit first that I have absolutely no will as far as food is concerned. I only eat what I like. Luckily there are quite a few healthy food products I love, but not only, as I am not an ascetic nor a healthy food guru !

Among those products, spices, some are totally new for me and others not at all ! There are even some food products that I used to dislike. Well, we change…

Hum Hum, I can hear you saying, well, nice to make us some recommandations to boost our immune system while winter is ending. Certainly. But I had to test first, to take stock, otherwise it’s just bullshit.

But I promise: I ‘ll make you a small reminder next fall ! And now I wish you a lovely day !

My special thanks to Peter the cauliflower, Simon the lemon, Emma the curcuma ♥, etc…

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