French Cocotte: Midnight Collection

13 December 2016

french cocotte vetements chaussettes made in france

Here we are, French Cocotte Midnight Collection is out and available on the e-shop ! A real capsule with several products: this was possible thanks to the welcome you have given to French Cocotte tank top: THANKS !

Ok, it was quite long, but I discovered productions problems, suppliers who are not always on time, and prototype which doesn’t suit as it should. This one is the worst for me.  Fortunately, I have partners in solid gold: so, but SO PATIENT !! And yet, I’m not a big customer to them but Hey, I knocked at the good gates !

I wanted to tell you more about these new models that I imagined and designed.

French Cocotte: Victoire Bodysuit

Victoire body suit was the starting point of this Midnight Collection, I mean apart from manufacturing in France ! I have to admit that I only found its name the day before the launch, not very inspired on that point…I called it Victoire because of the V form on the cleavage and also because it suits it.  A WONDER: a Lyon heavy silk, Calais silk for the cleavage and the cuffs, and a very soft and comfy microfiber for the panties.

Why a body suit? At the beginning I wanted a silk shirt. But I who did not wear any body suit before, discovered a big asset: it doen’t move ! You raise the arms, you move, and it does not come out of the jeans or the skirt. And especially with the silk that naturally tends to slip, believe me, it’s appreciable !

Victoire bodysuit is manufactured in a workshop specialised for underwear, which developed it very quickly and professionally. It was the easiest part along with the socks !

body soie dentelle made in france lingeriefrench cocotte body soie de lyon dentelle de calais made in france

French Cocotte: Fancy Socks

If you follow my blog, you know that I love to mix socks and open toes: for me socks are real accessories ! I always loved socks. As I was younger, in high school, it was very cool to wear Achille socks which used to be very funny. And now I design my own socks: crazy, isn’t it ? Le me reassure you, you don’t have to wear them with sandals if you don’t want: they will be nice with boots and sneakers as wenn. My socks are cool, I tell you !

The most capricious, I should have called it that, it’s the  Incandescente pleated skirt.

french cocotte chaussettes femme fantaisie made in france

French Cocotte: Incandescente midi pleated skirt

Pleating made in France: I precise, because it’s very rare ! There are maybe less than 5 workshops left in the whole country ! I had difficulties to find one. But I won’t change ! Mine is wonderful: he helped me so much although he had nothing to gain from ! Hey, I think I will do only pleated models from now on: tops, shirts, etc, just to help him back !What ?!

The skirt had to be very long, but finally, it’s much more beautiful on midi length. I like this length so much! You can wear it with sneakers or low-boots: it’s lovely and punchy !

Here you know almost everything about this Collection, the result of several months of work. I hope you like it ! I’m already on the next one.

XoXo dear Cocottes !

A big Thank You to Pierre Frey for this wonderful Pineapple fabric, which is manufactured in France

 french cocotte jupe plissee midi made in france

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