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3 February 2015

pantalon laine moutarde gerard darel made in france

Today, with this outfit I wanted  to illustrate something on the blog: fashion girl stuffs.As far as fashion is concerned, we as girls often have crazes, crushes, obsessions………because we saw THAT thing in a magazine, on a cool girl or because we always loved it even if we don’t know why.

But I noticed something steady: our fashion cravings often let men puzzled….I have the feeling that many men are far more classic than we are, as far as fashion is concerned, aren’t they?! I see it when I read statements in magazines, or with some of my friends who make fun of my outfits or of what their girlfriends wear. Make it original or unsual, and here we go!

OK, my man may be used to it or we may have the same tastes but he rarely doesn’t like what I wear. But still, I got him with my Birks or lastly  with those brown boots from Robert Clergerie.  I liked them straight away thinkting they would be very nice with flare jeans for example.

I must say that I had to face some remarks from him about them…one made me laugh: he was mocking them for the nth time, so I realised that I could not convince him they were very nice, so I replied: “hey, you know what, they’re lined: they are so comfy and warm!” and he said: yeah, I bet they are warm, they are so thick, I am sure there must be underfloor heating in there”…

So today, I chose mustard yellow pants and those boots: I’m sure than many men won’t like this outfit!

I am pretty sure you do also have some kind of anecdotes, am I wrong??

Gérard Darel pants, Rodier cachemire pullover, Robert Clergerie boots

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