Hair SOS !

1 October 2017

Sea salt, sun, chlorine : your hair has suffered during summer…and it’s now deeply damaged ! Did you come back from holidays with a straw on your head, just like me ?

Here is for you my hair routine to save it all ! I recently discovered the benefits of castor oil on hair et it’s now part of my favorite hair care. I made last night a mask with a mix of organic castor oil & coconut oil.

Just one thing : if you have split ends : cut them off ! Because marketing slogans like”this marvellous shampoo repairs split ends” or even “it goes deep to the heart of the fiber to repair split ends” mouah ah ah ah : jives !

And I swear that cutting a few centimeters never killed anyone ! That’s what I made recently : a few centimeters shorter, a patina to get a color much nicer than straw yellow : so goood !

So, as I have gattered some experience about dry hair , I thought it might be nice to share all this with you !

I await your comments and personal tips !

Outfit : made in France French Cocotte tank top

Hair Care (made in France) : De St Hilaire organic astor Oil, Jardin BIO organic coconut oil, Phyto Elixir shampoo, Phyto Elixir Intense Nutrition Mask


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