Half Hawk!

8 January 2014

half hawk coupe cheveux tendance

Small (blog?) beauty news on the blog today!

As you may remember, I have now short hair. And…. I just tried the hit cut: the Half Hawk. I always found it bold and sometimes nice, without thinking of doing it too. This was til Christmas: I was reading my bible: the” ELLE” as I call it, and here I see Coco Rocha’s brand new Half Hawk, and now I was thinking: I want this too!!!

What is a Half Hawk?

This hair cut was worn by American Indian, and was then also used by punks: you only cut half of the hair, and the other side remains as long as you want and so you have asymmetrical hair cut. If you don’t have got the nerve to do it, you can also braid half of your hair: you saw lot of examples on catwalks and on red carpets lastly.

Finding the right hairdresser:

Ok I knew what I wanted but I needed to find a good hairdresser to do it and to adapt it with my hair and my style.  I decided to trust Nancy who works at Dessange Croix Rousse (Lyon): I recommend her warmly!

She understood very well the spirit of this hair cut although she doesn’t do that all day long. I also asked for some highlights, even if I saw my hair before doing them and it was nice too with natural hair.


I am very happy about the result and how it looks! Some of you may think of Gary Oldman alias Zorg in the Fifth Element (remember?! HA HA HA). And If you like making thinks easier as I do: you just then blow-dry half your hair, yeah!!!

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