Happy Father’s Day!

7 June 2016

fete des peres made in france pas cher

New challenge on the blog today: after Mother’s Day, I’m back to give you some ideas of made in France gifts for less than 30 euros! Dads are often less spoiled than mums. Yes, Dad you know, your day comes just after Mum’s, a few days before sales and holidays ! So hard…. Let’s go:

  1. Made in France espadrilles by Art of Soule: genuine espadrilles handmade in Pays Basque for 25€! I chose the classic model, but the Magnum model is also great!
  2. Boxer shorts Battling Joe for a sexy daddy. I find their design very nice and price is so reasonable even if it’s slightly above our current budget. 35€
  3. A made in France linen and cotton scarf at 20.90€! You won’t believe it and however that’s what Même pas Froid proposes.
  4. A blue white red smartphone case with nice designs that’s what les Frenchies do. 25€
  5. A woolen sailor hat by Saint James. I have mine and I love it! It’s a useful and longlasting gift! 35€

fete des peres made in france petit budget idees

6.  Opinel famous knife! That’s a fact, a lot of men love knives! Made in Savoie, this one makes a perfect gift thanks to its leather case. 23€

7. Bivouak proposes men skin care with natural ingredients and some organic substances. I personally truly love their packaging! I chose the cleanser, but soap pack is nice as well. 24€

8. A T-Shirt by La Vingtaine, a new brand which manufactures T-Shirts for very good price! If you Dad still feels young, then this one is for him! (la Vingtaine means twenties)  24€

9.  Archiduchesse socks: they are manufactured Saint-Etienne (where I was born!) Crazy range of colors and crazy prices: at 6€ each, you can equip your Dad for the whole year!

10. I had a real crush for this set of petanque boules created by OBUT and Le Slip Français. OBUT, based in the small town of Saint Bonnet le Château (42), is the World leader of petanque boule, a typical French sport! With this gift I’m sure you will please your Dad! 35€

That’s it! I hope that this “cheap” selection will help you to spoil your Dad! Everything is available online so let’s go! Have a good night!!


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