Happy Mother’s Day!

18 May 2016

selection cadeaux fete des meres made in france moins 30 euros

I imposed upon myself a little challenge for you: to prepare just for you a short list of made in France gifts for Mother’s Day that cost less than 30 euros! Yes, my made in France Christmas gift list has had a great success, so I thought it might be interesting to do the same for Mother’s Day. Interesting but not interested as I already know I won’t get any of these gifts as I am merely in an “artistic gift period”; Worst thing is that famous noodle necklaces and other more or less inspired inventions make me melt too; here I am on the dark side of the force…

In fact this is the mere idea of my newly launched brand, French Cocotte, except that Marcel costs 49€, ha! As I explained, my aim is to propose affordable made in France fashion, although luxury is perfect to make us dream and essential to sustain our know-how!

So let’s go for this special selection for Mother’s Day:

  1. A macrame suspension IWWI: if you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen mine! You have the choice between the kit if your mum likes to tinker or the finished suspension! Kit le Temps Suspendu 26€
  2. A porcelain ring by Hortense Montarnal: I made her video portrait and so you know that I truly love the minimalist design of her creations. This ring is great, isn’t it?! Price 29€
  3. & 3 bis: Oelwein made in France notebook: if your mum likes to take notes, you’ll find great things on their e-shop! Patterns are really lovely! And you may have a crush for the monstera pins (pins AND monstera are back!) Notebook 9,60€
  4. A wooden tree which is manufactured in France. This minimalist tree is so poetic. If your mum likes scandinavian or countryside decoration, she’ll like it! Wooden Tree les Petites Emplettes, 29€
  5. A Yay ring at Sept-Cinq, a concept-store dedicated to Parisian designers. Lovely, trendy and so affordable! Yay Ring 35€

idee cadeau fete des meres made in france pas cher


6. Maison Maison candle: you can’t be mistaken with candles! But it’s even better when the candle is manufactured in France and eco-friendly: with its organic cotton wisp, its 100% natural wax and its scent elaborated in Grasse, this one has it all. Once the candle is finished, your mum can keep the mug: 2 in 1 gifts in fact! Candle 35€

7. These dish gloves are clearly a gift for a mum who has humor! If your mum has a subliminal message for your Dad who doesn’t get it, the message will be clearer with her “HATE” hand-tattooed gloves (!), like: “NO, I don’t have fun doing the dishes, and YES I’d like to be like you putting my ass on the chair and drinking a fresh beer. Your mum will thank you for that…Atypyk Rubber gloves 30€

8. A catalan craft cloth bag. This bag will be perfect for the beach, the market, or whatever your mum wants! Manufactured by  Toiles du Soleil, an authentic certified Catalan manufacture. Bag 35€

9. Espadrilles manufactured in French Pays Basque. Considering the price (18€!) I’m pretty sure you’ll find some for you as well. And  now you can offer authentic made in France espadrilles made in Mauléon Soule by Prodiso.

10. You already know: I’m a fan of filt shopping bag: really practical, eco-friendly and so affordable: your mum is going to start a collection. You’ll find it at Landmade among other beautiful objects. Filt shopping bag 9,50€

That’s it! I hope that this list of made in France gifts for Mothers’ Day will be useful and inspiring. If you have good ideas to share, please comment! You can buy everything online, thatt makes it easier!

Special kiss to all Moms!

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