Hello 2015!

5 January 2015

bonne année 2015 light painting

A year has come to an end, and a new one is starting. 2014 isn’t anymore, welcome 2015!

I don’t know if you do, but I don’t make any New Year’s resolutions (maybe because I know I wouldn’t stick to them more than 2 days…), I just wish that this upcoming year will mean good news, surprises, travelling; that it will rock and push me to make better! There is nothing more distressing to me than knowing how things gonna happen: daily quietness, a job for the next 20 years: this may be reassuring for some, but clearly this is not for me.

light painting

I hope that I’ll be able to developp Mode en France: I hope that there will be more and more readers here. New things are coming: a beauty heading, another dedicated to France (trips and good restaurants) and…..video! This will be hard as I can’t stand myself when I see me on video and I hate hearing my voice…

This is it for my part of the job, but I also have hopes as far as YOU are concerned (yes!!!): pl-ea-se write more comments! WHY? To improve the blog, and to know you better! I also hope that you’ll find french manufacturing interesting. We have a real know-how and I want to share this with you wherever you are! Suggestions and remarks are more than welcome: I don’t want this blog to be a boring brand directory.

I picked up some pictures to make a small look back at 2014 (you can click on the picture to read the article).

I wish you a happy and lovely year!

In 2014:

– I dared the Half Hawk and I loved it, but I cried waiting for my hair regrowth

– I wore suspenders and I liked it

– I played like Stromae

– I discovered nice places

– I cooked

– I learned skating (nan, I’m kidding)

– I followed the famous Nationale 7

– I proposed another option to Birkenstocks

– I launched the New Version of the blog!

– I wore socks and I liked it

– I had a drink in Marseille and I liked it

– I put King of Pop to shame

– To make it up, I invoked his spirita (and his socks)

– I found my boots made for walkin’

– I sang like Celine Dion at the Caesar Palace (with a golf club)

All this ……………………..for you! And you know what? I would do it again, and more!!!!

half hawkbretelles de leon fabriquées en francemosaert polo chaussettes stromae made in francecour des loges hôtel luxe lyonla malle trousseau culinaire cuisine made in francecourreges eastpak skate made in franceroute nationale 7 vacances made in francesandales mephisto made in france chaussuresmode en france blog mode made in francemanufacture gerbe bas made in france gaspard yurkievichjupe midi rodier made in francerepetto michael diamant noir fabriquées en francesoquettes gerbe fabriquees en france gaspard yurkievichstephane gontard chaussures boots made in francegerard darel vêtements made in france

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