Highwaisted Bikini

20 July 2016

bikini taille haute retro quelle morphologie blog mode

Some new stuffs among my swimsuits for this summer: highwaisted bikini. Last year I made a selection of made in France swimsuits for you. And so I told you about Acqua Bazaar brand: I truly love their patterns. Last month as I saw that in this summer collection, there were highwaisted panties, I had to buy one! This is a shape of panties I love (even for underwear), very vintage style, even if I must admit that it’s not easy to wear. In my opinion, if you have nice shoulders, and bigger boobs than I have, you really should test it, as it enhances the bust. Contrary to what you may read, it doesn’t necessarily make your waist look thiner; and if you have a “guitar” body shape it may be just the contrary, especially with such a pattern like mine.

Even if lastly I had crushes only for solid coloured swimsuits, I must say that this is a strong pattern! Besides on this serie of pictures, I wear Rita highwaisted panties with a matching Acqua Bazaar bra, and I also propose a softer version that you may have seen on Instagram with a dark blue Maud and Marjorie bandeau top, which is manufactured in France as well.

Wow, what a wise girl I am now: after the one piece, a highwaisted bikini?? Let me reassure you, summer still means mini skirts and no bra under my t-shirts!

I await your opinion about the retro style swimsuit!

Made in France: Acqua Bazaar tasco tziga top and reversible Rita panties , Maud and Marjorie bandeau, Gas Bijoux ring and bracelet

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