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Hit the road: Nationale 7

1 September 2014

blog mode voyage route nationale 7A few days ago, I told you we would talk about holidays: here we are! First article is dedicated to the most famous french holiday road that goes between Paris and Menton: the Nationale 7. No fashion today on the blog: just a super famous piece of France.


blog mode voyage route nationale 7We headed to south of France from Lyon on a saturday in August: it was out of the question to take the highway: it is just a nightmare during summer, especially when you are not patient in a car (yes, I am NOT! and neither my kids…)

blog mode voyage route nationale 7

This year I wanted to take the Nationale 7 to go to Vaucluse: we took it from Vénissieux (close to Lyon) to Pierrelatte (Drôme)

blog mode voyage route nationale 7

Until Vienne the road is nice between nature and vineyards. There is also a nice part close to Lanneyron. But I must say that some parts have no interest. But when you take that road I think you have to have an historical point of view not only a touristic one. And so you can try to spot old adds, milestones, closed down petrol stations to find out traces of a near past: beginning of paid holidays in France.

blog mode voyage route nationale 7

As far as eating is concerned, I saw a quite nice concept:  Burger Bus close to St Rambert d’Albon (26) but we did not test it. That day we ate at the Poule Noire in Albon: a simple place where food is not extraordinary but OK, but service is good and pleasant and the yard is a peaceful place to relax from the road.

I also tried once the Tournesol in Tournon sur Rhône: a good table at good price; and also le Quai in Tain l’Hermitage: a restaurant which is decorated like a boat alongside the Rhône: a good place. In Tain you have nice vineyards to test and also famous chocolate manufacturer Valrhona.

If you have more time, you can test both food stars of the Nationale 7: Anne-Sophie Pic (Valence) 3star at the Michelin guide and Michel Chabran (Pont de L’Isère) 1 star and also owner of the Quay.: I haven’t tried them yet: on the to-do list anyway!

Oh, I almost forgot: don’t think (as I did, so naîve…..) that you’ll be the only one on the Nationale 7 on a sturday in summer: you also have some traffic jam……………aaarrrggghhhhh. I must admit that traffic jam is also part of the history there and some nostalgic people are pleased to reconstruct every year  huge traffic jam in Lapalisse!!!….

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