Holidays !

24 August 2017

t shirt fabrication francaise kutuun paris

Holidays…you take your hobo dresses, your nice sandals, make-up, hair accessories, a scarf to make THE Brigitte Bardot like knot. You will look like a goddess, for sure…

Yes, but no in fact. Because, it’s 40 degrees (do we actually survive such temperatures ??), you sweat, well it’s a good thing that you brought your best deodorant (your only essential product) and in the end you always wear the same combo (unless you need to wash it) : shorts and very light T-Shirt. You don’t want to hear about make-up, because you sweat just by looking at it. OK for jewelry if it resists water, salt, solar cream and so on, and if not, well, let’s crash test it.

Let’s not forget children. Yes, you are on “family trip”, it’s nice, but it’s also really exhausting demanding. If you add plunges in the pool “Mum look, I can swim” about 367 times a day (what, you haven’t opened your book ?!) and the small backs, legs and so on you have to put cream on every half an hour,… On the beach, same story, except that you have to add sand castles ! If you can escape this, it means that you are very gifted (or deaf !). Well, it makes 1001 occasions to prevent you from spending time on clothes and make-up.

But are you really willing to get on a top make-up – hairdo – look mode ? No ! Because you are on HOLIDAYS, and that’s holidays too (this is not necessarily valid for bachelors). It’s like a sunday morning that lasts 15 days.

On these pictures we made in LECCE in Puglia (Italy) it was the first and only time I wore jeans and I put on make-up (yes, because it was only 28°C that night). We had temperatures between 37 and 41 degrees there so, when it dropped to 28 degrees it’s been like a rebirth for me, whereas in France I’m exhausted as soon as it gets 30. I’ll have to remember this next time it’s hot here : to put my head in the oven for a few minutes to appreciate the ambient temperature then…

I’m wearing here a made in France Kutuun t-shirt: the pattern is made with water color and reproduced with digital printing using organic inks. And my great find: handmade in Puglia sandals, price : 39€ !

Made in France: Kutuun Paris T-Shirt, Gas Bijoux ring, Pascale Monvoisin bracelet (on my ankle) / Levi’s jeans, ring bought in Lisbon, Erredibi sandals

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